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Archived Comments for: Mortality in over 350,000 Insured Swedish dogs from 1995–2000: I. Breed-, Gender-, Age- and Cause-specific Rates

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  1. life table data

    Ruerd Heeg,

    14 August 2009

    This valuable research gives a lot of new data on dog mortality, especially since it involves such a large population.

    I have written a calculator computing the death risk of a cat or a dog of given age over a given period.
    The url is You should also be able to find it by searching the internet on "dog mortality numericalexample".

    Unfortunately the dog statistics for this calculator are from old japanese research from early 80-ties of about 5000 dogs. I would like to improve the calculations with better and more recent statistical data, that is with more so called "life tables". Unfortunately I can not find any better dog and cat life tables myself.

    So if you have more recent dog life tables can you send then to me ? Or can you send me copies of scientific papers containing these life tables ? In particular I am interested in dog life tables by gender and breed.

    Competing interests

    mortality dogs cats "life tables"