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Archived Comments for: Vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE) in Swedish sewage sludge

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  1. Evidence of potential value to the understanding of H1N1.

    Robert Wood-Smith, Robert G. Wood-Smith & Partners (2002)

    8 June 2009

    My Partners and I have been encouraged by an eminent scientist to prepare a White Paper. The purpose, to present advanced fundamental physics associated with the underlying cause and treatment of Influenza 'A' (H1N1).

    The 'VRE in sewage sludge' paper is likely to provide 'additional evidence', by way of a useful parallel to our detailed understanding of the situation associated with industrial sewage lagoons in Mexico.

    We are grateful for knowledge of the VRE paper. When the White Paper has been completed, we would be pleased to provide (gratis) a copy of the report ~ should this be requested by Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica.

    Robert Wood-Smith. Consultant & Senior Partner.

    Competing interests

    We see no competing interests. The policy of the Partnership is to share our knowledge for the benefit of science and mankind.