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Figure 1

From: Comparison of Variable-Number Tandem-Repeat Markers typing and IS1245 Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism fingerprinting of Mycobacterium avium subsp. hominissuis from human and porcine origins

Figure 1

Dendrogram of the MIRU-VNTR types of porcine, human or avian M. avium isolates. The differences in MIRU-VNTR numbers were used to estimate the genetic distance. Source: OUH: Oulu University Hospital, HUH: Helsinki University Hospital, PHCH: Päijät-Häme Central Hospital, EP: Etelä-Pohjanmaa Hospital District, TAUH: Tampere University Hospital, TUH: Turku University Hospital, LCH: Lappi Central Hospital, SCH: Seinäjoki Central Hospital. IS1245 RFLP clusters are shown if the isolates clustered with RFLP. The strains were encoded and shown by numbers and letters. The -sign nominates the isolates with a unique IS1245 RFLP profile.

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