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Control of livestock ectoparasites with entomopathogenic fungi: a review

  • Stephen Abolins1 and
  • Richard Wall1
Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica201052(Suppl 1):S23

Published: 13 October 2010


Public HealthBiological ControlSlow RateVeterinary MedicineHealth Concern

The abundance of ectoparasites requires ongoing management and this is most commonly achieved with insecticides or endectocides. However, the growth in resistance, the slow rate of development of new actives, coupled with environmental and health concerns associated with the continued use of some of the existing neurotoxic insecticides, suggest that alternative approaches to their management need to be identified. Here one possible alternative approach, the use of entomopathogenic biological control agents, is reviewed highlighting the remaining obstacles that should be overcome to enable their practical application.

Authors’ Affiliations

Veterinary Parasitology & Ecology Group, School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK


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