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Figure 1

From: Antibody response in vaccinated pregnant mares to recent G3BP[12] and G14P[12] equine rotaviruses

Figure 1

Phylogenetic analysis of the VP7 gene of RVA strains G3BP[12] and G14P[12]. Rotavirus strains were denominated as reported previously [24]. The nucleotide sequences (nucleotides 104 to 906) of the VP7 gene were used to conduct a phylogenetic analysis. Black dots indicate the VP7 genes of equine RVA strains used in the virus-neutralizing test. Genome positions correspond to that of RVA/Horse-tc/JPN/HO-5/1982/G3P[12] (GenBank accession number AB046464). RVA/Horse-wt/GBR/L338/1991/G13P[18] is included as an outgroup. Percentage bootstrap support is indicated by the value at each node; values of <70 have been omitted.

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