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Table 1 Specificities of three different ELISAs detecting antibodies against Salmonella when used in Swedish dairy cattle using the ODC% value recommended by the producer as cut-off value

From: Evaluation of the specificity of three enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for detection of antibodies against Salmonella in bovine bulk milk

Test No. of samples Specificity (95% CI1)
Danish Dublin in-house ELISA (cut-off at ODC% 55) 1067 99.4% (98.8% -99.8%)
Prionics Dublin ELISA2 (cut-off at ODC% 35) 1065 99.4% (98.8% -99.8%)
Prionics mixed ELISA3 (cut-off at ODC% 35) 988 97.9% (96.8% -98.7%)
  1. 1CI: confidence interval.
  2. 2PrioCHECK® Salmonella Ab bovine Dublin ELISA.
  3. 3PrioCHECK® Salmonella Ab bovine ELISA.