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Serum Transferrins of Norwegian Red Cattle


Starch gel electrophoresis has been used for studies on serum transferrin (Tf) polymorphism in Norwegian Red Cattle (NRF). A total of 13 different Tf phenotypes were observed. Three of them were heterozygous for the very rare allele, TfN, which so far has not been found in any other cattle breed. The 4 protein zones controlled by TfN are slightly slower in rate of migration than the corresponding ones governed by TfF.

The 10 other phenotypes are controlled by the alleles TfA, \({\text{T}}{{\text{f}}^{{\text{D1}}}},\,{\text{T}}{{\text{f}}^{{{\text{D}}_{\text{2}}}}}\) and TfE. In a material comprising 535 cattle these alleles occurred at frequencies 0.35, 0.16, 0.22 and 0.27 respectively.


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