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Serum Protein Polymorphism in Some Yugoslavian Pig Breeds


Serum samples from 3 Yugoslavian pig breeds, Resavka, Mangolica and Pfajfer, have been typed for transferrin, hemopexin, ceruloplasmin and amylase by means of starch gel electrophoresis.

The iron-binding properties of the variable serum transferrins were ascertained in an autoradiographic study with Fe59.

The gene frequencies obtained are discussed and compared with those found in other swine breeds, including the Danish Landrace. Even though the number of samples typed was relatively low, and additional data are required, the frequencies found in the Yugoslavian breeds showed a marked difference from those obtained in the Danish Landrace. The different distribution of alleles was especially pronounced in the transferrin and hemopexin systems.


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The present work was undertaken on the initiative of Professor, dr. med. vet. Johs. Moustgaard, whose valuable help and continuous interest during planning and carrying out these studies are very much appreciated.

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