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A Method for the Preparation of Suspensions of Intestinal Mucosal Cells by Means of Calcium Chelators

(A preliminary report)


A method is described for the preparation of a suspension of single cells of the intestinal mucosa by the calcium chelators ED TA and EGTA.

Preliminary experiments with oxygen consumption and glucose-utilization indicate a considerable metabolic activity of the cell suspension.

The difference in glycine uptake in presence and absence of sodium and the effect of phlorizin on the glucose metabolism of the cells indicates the existence of a qualitatively normal membrane function.

The application of a similar method for the purpose of obtaining viable in vitro preparations from intestinal tissue of larger animals is suggested.


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I wish to thank Professor J. H. Quastel for the opportunity to work in his unit and for valuable advice from him and his coworkers. Thanks are also due to Professor C. P. Leblond and Mr. G. Altmann for their preliminary histological examination of the cells, and to Mr. Joav Prives for his interest in the biochemical aspects of the preparation. My stay in Canada has partly been financed by a grant from the Norwegian Research Council for Sciences and Humanities.

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