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Occurrence of Intracytoplasmic Inclusion Bodies in the Digestive Epithelium of Fallow Deer (Dama dama L)

Förekomst av irttracytoplasmatiska inklusionskroppar i digestionsapparatens slemhinneepitet hos dovhjort (Dama dama L)


Intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies were observed in the digestive epithelium of fallow deer (Dama dama L) suffering from bovine virus diarrhea/mucosal disease. Similar inclusion bodies were also found in the ruminai epithelium of fallow deer subjected to overfeeding by supplementary food. Inclusion bodies were not found in the upper alimentary mucosa of clinically healthy deer but were frequently found when these tissues were subjected to autolysis. At electron microscopical studies the inclusion bodies were found to consist of granular protein-like material encircled by a single membrane. Such inclusion bodies may constitute a non-specific degenerative cell response which could be elicited by diverse factors including autolysis.


Intracytoplasmatiska in k fusion sk rop par påvisades i digestionsapparatens slemhinneepitel hos dovhjort (Dama dama L) lidande från bovin virus diarré/mu-cosal disease. Liknande inklusionskroppar förelåg också i våmepitelet hos dovhjortar utsatta för en överutfodring med tillskottsfoder. Inklusionskroppar kunde inte påvisas i övre digestionsapparatens epitel hos kliniskt friska djur men var ofta förekommande när ifrågavarande vävnader utsattes för au-tolys. Elek t ronmikro sko pisk t befanns inklusionskroppar na bestå av ett g rami lärt proteinlik nan de material omgivet av ett enkelt membran. Dessa inklusionskroppar kan utgöra ett oespecifikt cellulärt svar på degenerativa processer som kan utlösas av flera olika faktorer inklusive autolys.


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