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Surface Properties of Staphylococcus aureus Isolated from Caprine Mastitis

Overflate-eigenskapar hjå Staphylococcus aureus isolert frå mastitt hjå geit


A total of 53 Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from caprine mastitis were tested for surface hydrophobicity, surface Protein A (SpA), and binding capacity of fibronectin, fibrinogen and type II collagen. Strong positive correlation was found between surface hydrophobicity and SpA, and between surface hydrophobicity and 125I-fibronectin-binding. Regardless of hydrophobicity, the binding of fibrinogen was moderate and type II collagen binding was low. The results indicate that SpA and fibronectinbinding protein contribute to the high relative surface hydrophobicity of S. aureus associated with caprine mastitis.


Totalt 53 stammar av Staphylococcus aureus frå mastitt hjå geit vart testa for overflate-hydrofobisitet, for innhaldet av overflate-protein A (SpA) og for evnen til å binde fibronektin, fibrinogen og type II kollagen. Det vart påvist sterk positiv korrelasjon mellom over flate-hydrofobisitetog SpA og mellom overflate-hydrofobisitet og binding av 115I-flbronek-tin hos bakteriane. Uavhengig av hydro fobi si teten var bindinga av fibrinogen moderat og bindinga av type II kollagen svak. Resultata indikerer at SpA og fibronektinbindande protein bidreg til den relativt høge overflate-hydrofobisiteten hjå S. aureus frå mastitt hjå geit.


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We would like to thank the Regional Veterinary Laboratory in Harstad, Norway, for kind help in supplying bacterial strains.

This study was supported in part by the Swedish Council for Forestry and Agricultural Research, Grant No (536/84D, 151) and in part by Apothekernes Laboratorium A.S., Oslo, Norway.

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  • bacterial surface hydrophobicity
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