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Rapid Absorption and Local Redistribution of Progesterone after Vaginal Application in Gilts


Catheters were implanted in 6 anaesthetized gilts (3 animals in the follicular phase, 3 in the luteal phase) into a carotid artery and into the utero-ovarian vein and uterine artery on both sides. The uterine lumina were closed by a suture. Further, a catheter was inserted into the vagina after which the animals were allowed to recover. Tritiated progesterone was infused into vagina the following day during a 2 min period and simultaneous blood samples collected from the 5 catheters every 10 min for 2 h after which the animals were sacrificed. Tissue samples were obtained from the genital organs.

The results showed a rapid absorption of progesterone from the vaginal lumen and a marked redistribution to the genital organs. The increased level of radioactivity in the plasma samples collected from the uterine arteries compared to the simultaneous samples from the carotid artery in 2 of the 3 animals in the luteal phase indicates the existence of a local redistribution system.


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We are grateful to Dr T.M.M. Farley for advice regarding the statistical analysis and to Dr. G.M.H. Waites for valuable discussions.

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