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Ultrasonography and Determination of Proteins and Enzymes in Blood for the Diagnosis of Liver Abscesses in Intensively Fed Beef Cattle


The concentrations of plasma proteins and the activities of liver enzymes were measured every 2 weeks from weaning to slaughter in 21 beef cattle, and their livers were examined ultrasonographically every 4 weeks. Eight of the 9 cases of single or multiple liver abscesses were detected by ultrasonography but some individual abscesses, particularly those in the left side of the liver, remained undetected. The time at which the abscesses were first detected ranged from 4 to 20 (mean 12.5) weeks. There were only slight variations in the blood constituents and they were of no significant value in the diagnosis of the liver abscesses.


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The investigation was supported financially by The Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research. The close cooperation with Dr. Solve Johnsson and his coworkers, Western District of Animal Research, Skara, Sweden, is highly appreciated.

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