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Patterns of Plasma Oestradiol-17ß in Relation to the Interval from Weaning to Oestrus in Sows


Sows generally are anoestrus during lactation. Weaning the litter normally results in a rapid increase in follicular growth that terminates in oestrus and ovulation. Follicular development after weaning is characterized by an elevation in the blood concentrations of oestradiol-17ß (E2). Although the post-weaning patterns of E2 in blood circulation have been reported previously (Cox & Britt 1982, Edwards & Foxcroft 1983, Rojanasthien 1988), the plasma patterns of E2 in relation to the interval from weaning to oestrus (WOI), to our knowledge, have not been assessed. The purpose of this study was therefore to relate the blood patterns of E2 to the WOI in sows exhibiting their first oestrus within 10 days after weaning.


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This work was supported by the Swedish Council for Forestry and Agricultural Research. The faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Kasetsart University, Thailand, is acknowledged for granting T. Rojkittikhun study leave.

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