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Metabolites of PGF in Blood Plasma and Urine as Parameters of PGF Release in Cattle

Prostaglandin F metaboliter i blodplasma och urin som parametrar på prostaglandin F frisättning hos kor


The metabolism of PGF in cattle results initially in the formation of 15-keto-13,14-dihydro-PGF (15-ketodihydro-PGF) and later the 11-ketotetranor PGF metabolites. Both types of metabolites appear in the peripheral circulation and finally the 11-ketotetranor PGF metabolites are found in large quantities in the urine in a species-related pattern. Several approaches can be made to the quantitative analysis of PGF release during reproductive studies. First, assay of the 15-ketodihydro-PGF metabolite in the peripheral circulation; second, analysis of the longer-lived 11-ketotetranor PGF metabolites in the peripheral circulation; and finally analysis of the latter metabolites in the urine. The antibodies used in radioimmunoassays of both types of metabolites of PGF were found to be specific and the results agree well with those obtained earlier by mass spectrometric analysis. The assay of 11-ketotetranor PGF metabolites was used to study the excretion of urinary metabolites in the cow after i.v. infusion of PGF and also during the normal estrous cycle and early pregnancy. These studies suggest that 11-ketotetranor PGF metabolites in cow urine serve as a good parameter of PGF release, especially for long–term studies, but when a precise pattern of PGF release is required, measurement of 15-ketodihydro-PGF levels in frequently collected plasma samples is preferable.


Prostaglandin F metaboliseras initialt till 15-ketodihydro-PGF och vidare till 11-ketotetranor PGF metaboliter hos kor. Båda metaboliterna förekommer i den perifera blodcirkulationen och slutligen utsöndras 11-ketotetranor PGF metaboliterna i stora mängder till urinen i ett art-specifikt mönster. Det finns olika sätt för att detektera PGF frisättning för studier inom reproduktionen: 1) analysera 15-ketodihydro-PGF i perifer blodplasma; 2) analysera de mer långlivade 11-ketotetranor PGF metaboliterna i perifer blodplasma; och 3) analysera 11-ketotetranor PGF metaboliterna i urin. Antikropparna som användes för radioimmunologiska analyser mot de olika prostaglandinmetaboliterna var specifika. Analysresultaten överensstämmer med tidigare gjorda masspektrometriska analyser. 11-Ketotetranor PGF analyser utfördes i urin från kor för att studera utsöndringen av prostaglandinmetaboliter efter i.v. infusion av PGF, under den normala brunstcykeln och den tidiga dräktighetsperioden. Studierna visar att 11-ketotetranor PGF metaboliterna utsöndrade till kourinen är en pålitlig parameter för detektering av exogent eller endogent PGF. För att mer i detalj kartlägga prostaglandinfrisättningen är det lämpligaste förfaringssättet att analysera 15-ketodihydro-PGF metaboliten i frekvent insamlade blodprover.


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The authors are indebted to the Swedish Council for Forestry and Agricultural Research and to NSERC and Agriculture Canada for financial support. Dr. Alan Goff is acknowledged for performing the 15-ketodihydro-PGF analysis in Fig. 4. Ms Gun Nilsson, Ms Marie Sundberg and Ms Vi–viann Ericson Jardemyr are acknowledged for secretarial assistance, and Ms Catharina Falkenberg and Ms Kerstin Lindblad for graphical performance.

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