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The Effects of Praziquantel on the Monogenean Gill Parasite Pseudodactylogyrus Bini


The anthelminthic Praziquantel is found to be effective against trematodes and cestodes (for a comprehensive review of various aspects of this drug, see Andrews et al. 1983). Praziquantel has been reported to affect fish cestodes (Pool et al. 1984, Moser et al. 1986, Ward et al. 1986), fish digeneans (Bylund & Sumari 1981) and fish monogeneans (Schmahl & Mehlhorn 1985). Therefore Praziquantel could be a potential drug against Pseudodactylogyrus spp. parasitizing the gills of eels. Infections with these monogeneans cause problems in eel farms (Ogawa & Egusa 1976, Egusa 1979, Chan & Wu 1984, Mellergaard & Dalsgaard 1986). Köhler & Bachmann (1978) tested the effect of Praziquantel on the activity of succinate dehydrogenase and NADH-diaphorase (NADH-oxidase) from Ascaris suum and reported that the latter enzyme was inhibited by Praziquantel.


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Laboratory facilities during this study was kindly provided by S. Mellergaard, Danish Institute for Fishery and Marine Research, Fish Disease Laboratory. J. Bjerregaard, Department of Pharmacy, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University Denmark is thanked for valuable discussions.

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  • Pseudodactylogyrus bini
  • Praziquantel
  • succinate dehydrogenase
  • NADH–diaphorase