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Fig. 2

From: Hydrated nucleus pulposus extrusion in dogs: correlation of magnetic resonance imaging and microsurgical findings

Fig. 2

Magnetic resonance imaging images from a dog presented with non-ambulatory tetraparesis. HNPE at C4-C5 determining moderate-severe neural compression. a Sagittal T2-W short tau inversion recovery (STIR) sequence; with fat-suppression the lesion maintains the characteristic T2 high signal. b Sagittal T2-W turbo spin echo (TSE) sequence; the arrows indicate the compressive material that is inhomogeneously isointense compared with CSF. c Fluid-only thick slab sagittal scan; please note the disomogeneous area of hypointensity at the site of compression (CSF). d Transverse TSE T2-W scan; the arrows show the HNPE with quite symmetrical distribution. e Transverse T1-W FFE sequence after contrast medium administration; please note the peripheral enhancement of the compressive lesion

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