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Table 1 Description of sampling sites and gull species

From: Carriage of CTX-M type extended spectrum β-lactamases (ESBLs) in gulls across Europe

Country Location Speciesa Samples (n)b Description
Denmark Blavand Larus fuscus (60 %) 158 Coastline close to Roskilde
   Larus argentatus (40 %)   
England Bristol Larus argentatus 133 Central Bristol
Ireland Howth Larus argentatus 266 Suburb of Dublin close to fishing habour
Latvia Daugava Larus argentatus 323 Close to central Riga
  Kaltene Larus argentatus 101 Countryside 60 km SV Riga
Netherlands Borsele Larus argentatus 280 Industry habour
  Rotterdam Larus fuscus (90 %) 280 Industry habour
   Larus argentatus (10 %)   
Poland Wladyslawowo Larus argentatus 280 Coastline close to Gdansk
Portugal Lagos Larus michaellis 314 Fish market in Lagos
  Portimao Larus michaellis 111 Coastline close to Portimao
Spain Emporda Larus michaellis 199 Citydump outside Emporda
  Mazarron Larus michaellis 321 Breeding colonie close to Mazarron
  Malaga Larus michaellis 175 Harbour in Malaga
Sweden Hudiksvall Larus argentatus 217 Archipelago outside Hudiksvall
  1. aPercentage (%) represents the frequency of a gull species in the sampled flocks when there was more than one species present in the flock
  2. bNumber of viable samples from each sampling site