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Table 1 Evidence used in consensus for ‘Typical’ Labrador retriever lifespan based on reported ages at death with reference numbers in square brackets

From: Exceptional longevity and potential determinants of successful ageing in a cohort of 39 Labrador retrievers: results of a prospective longitudinal study

Reference material Country #Dogs Median lifespan, years
Assistance dog databasea US 498 12.0
Lawler et al. [2] US 48 ‘Restricted’ group: 13.0
Kealy et al. [19] ‘Control’ group: 11.2
Adams et al. [8] UK 574 12.25
O’ Neill et al. [12] UK 418 12.5
Michell [6] UK 328 12.6
Proschowsky et al. [7] Denmark 199 10.5
Typical lifespan of Labrador retrieversb 12.0
  1. aCanine companions for independence (Santa Rosa, CA, USA)
  2. bConsensus age provided by Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP, FAVD; Carmen M. H. Colitz, DVM, Ph.D., DACVO, Donald Ingram, Ph.D.; Stanley L. Marks, BVSc, Ph.D., DACVIM, DACVN; Sherry L. Sanderson, DVM, Ph.D., DACVIM, DACVN; Julia Tomlinson, BVSc, Ph.D., DACVS, CCRP, CVSM