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Table 2 Presence of foodborne pathogens and detection of Shiga toxin genes in fecal samples collected from reindeer at slaughter

From: Presence of foodborne pathogens, extended-spectrum β-lactamase -producing Enterobacteriaceae, and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in slaughtered reindeer in northern Finland and Norway

No of fecal samples No. (%) of fecal samples from reindeer testing positive for
Salmonella spp.a Listeria monocytogenes b Yersinia spp.c Shiga toxin genes (stx1 and/or stx2)d
470 0 (0%) 15 (3.2%) 46 (9.8%) 153 (32.6%)
  1. aExamination according to ISO 6579:2007-10 mod
  2. bExamination in accordance with ISO 11290:2005-01, serotyping (serotype 1/2a, n = 14; serotype 4b, n = 1)
  3. cEnrichment in BPW, incubation on CIN agar, species identification with MALDI–TOF MS (Y. enterocolitica, n = 8; Y. intermedia, n = 1; Y. kristensenii, n = 30; Yersinia spp., n = 7)
  4. dEnrichment in EE broth, screening for stx1 and stx2 by the Assurance GDS® assay for Shiga toxin genes