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Table 2 PCRs targeting four different gene regions were used to amplify parapoxvirus-specific DNA from tissue samples obtained from 16 clinical cases of contagious ecthyma in five species of Alaskan ruminants (2001–2012)

From: Orf virus infection in Alaskan mountain goats, Dall’s sheep, muskoxen, caribou and Sitka black-tailed deer

Gene Acronym Primers Product (bp) References
Putative viral envelope antigen B2L PPP-1 → 5′-gtc gtc cac gag cag ct-3′
PPP-4 → 5′-tac gtg gga agc gcc tcg ct-3′
594 [23,24,25]
Granulocyte–macrophage-colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF)/interleukin-2 inhibition factor GIF GIF 5 → 5′-gct cta gga aag atg gcg tg-3′
GIF 6 → 5′-gta ctc ctg gct gaa gag cg-3′
408 [26, 27]
Viral interleukin 10 orthologue vIL-10 vIL-10-3 → 5′-atg cta ctc aca cag tcg ctc c-3′
vIL-10-4 → 5′-tat gtc gaa ctc gct cat ggc c-3′
300 [25, 28, 29]
A-type inclusion ATI ATIF → 5′-agc cac agc act ttc gta cat-3′
ATIR → 5′-cgc gtt tgt gtt cgt tgg at-3′)