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Fig. 4

From: Loss of alpha-smooth muscle actin expression associated with chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction in a young Miniature Bull Terrier

Fig. 4

Immunohistochemical findings for α-SMA. a Jejunum. Diffuse low expression within the inner circular layer and the longitudinal layer of tunica muscularis. (arrow) Small vessels appear positive for α-SMA (asterisk). b Colon. Diffuse reduced expression within the tunica muscularis (arrow). c Stomach. Diffuse loss of expression within the tunica muscularis (arrow). Wall of a medium vessel positive for α-SMA (asterisk). d Normal canine duodenum. Diffuse intense α-SMA expression of the tunica muscularis. ad IHC counterstained with haematoxylin (obj. ×10)

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