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Table 1 Phenotypic characterisation of Yersinia enterocolitica isolates obtained from diarrhoeic patients (n = 50) and finisher-pig farms (n = 32)

From: Prevalence of human pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica in Swedish pig farms

Origin Farms (no.)/patients (no.) Bioserotype Colony colour on CAY Bioserotype as determined by MALDI-TOF Aesculin test
After 24 h After 48 h
Porcine 31 4/O:3 White/mauve Mauve 4/O:3 N/A
Porcine 1 2/O:9 White/mauve Mauve 2/O:9 N/A
Human 12 O:3 White/mauve Mauve 4/O:3 N/A
Human 9 1A Blue Blue opaque N/A N/A
Human 7 O:3 White Mauve 4/O:3 N/A
Human 7 O:9 White/mauve Mauve 2/O:9 N/A
Human 4 O:8 Blue Blue opaque Biotype 1A* +
Human 4 O:21 Blue Blue opaque 1A/O:21 N/A
Human 3 O:3 White White 4/O:3
Human 2 O:8 White/poor growth Mauve Biotype 1B*
Human 2 O:5/27 White/mauve Mauve 2/O:27 N/A
  1. Bioserotypes for human strains were provided by the National Food Agency in Sweden
  2. N/A, not available; +, positive; −, negative
  3. * Aesculin test was used to differentiate between biotype 1A and 1B, if subtyping could not be obtained by MALDI-TOF alone