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Fig. 1

From: Global brain ischemia in a dog with concurrent multiorgan dysfunction syndrome after bite wound trauma

Fig. 1

MRI of the brain in a dog with GBI. MRI showing transverse T2 (a, c, e and g) and corresponding FLAIR images (b, d, f and h) obtained 9 days after admission in a dog with suspected GBI. Bilateral asymmetric non-distinct hyperintense lesion (arrow heads) in the olfactory peduncle, frontal, temporal and parietal grey matter were observed. There is hyperintensity in these areas reflecting the parenchymal changes that occurred following the ischemic event. a, b Level of the olfactory peduncle and frontal lobe; c, d level of the caudate nucleus; e, f level of the thalamus; g, h level of the interthalamic adhesion)

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