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Table 2 Morphometric measurements, cresty neck score (CNS), body condition score (BCS) and body weight (BW) of Icelandic and Warmblood horses

From: Weight estimation and hormone concentrations related to body condition in Icelandic and Warmblood horses: a field study

 Icelandic (n = 43)Warmblood (n = 38)P-value
H (cm)1380.631301431720.67158180< 0.001
G1 (cm)1660.861511802040.91189213< 0.001
G2 (cm)1640.861501761990.92184212< 0.001
U (cm)1701.21501922041.3178216< 0.001
L1 (cm)1581.01461761851.1169196< 0.001
L2 (cm)1280.841161401530.89139163< 0.001
NC (cm)870.8877104980.9488110< 0.001
CNS2.10.0713.< 0.001
BCS (0–5)< 0.001
BCS (1–9)< 0.01
Measured BW3666.42944286406.8478718< 0.001
  1. H: height at withers; G1: heart girth at withers; G2: heart girth at slope; U: umbilical girth; L1: length from point of shoulder to point of hip; L2: length from point of elbow to point of hip; NC: neck circumference; CNS: cresty neck score; BCS (0–5): body condition score on scale 0–5; BCS (1–9): body condition score on scale 1–9; BW: body weight; SEM: standard error of the mean; Max: maximum; Min: minimum.