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Table 1 Environmental parameters investigated in 20 Swedish pig herds with (case herds) and without (control herds) a history of Streptococcus suis-infections in grower pigs

From: Streptococcus suis in Swedish grower pigs: occurrence, serotypes, and antimicrobial susceptibility

Environmental parametersControl herds (n = 9)aCase herds (n = 10)P valueb
Temperature (°C)20.43.4219.53.950.59
Carbon dioxide (ppm)162295015506950.85
Ammonia in pens, mean (ppm)
Air relative humidity (%)55.917.558.412.40.73
Air velocity (solid floor or deep straw bedding), mean (m/s)
Air velocity (slatted floor), mean (m/s)c0.
  1. aBiosecurity rules in one herd prohibited measuring equipment being brought in
  2. bP values were calculated using Welch’s t-test. P < 0.05 was considered significant
  3. cHerds using deep straw bedding not included, leaving control herds n = 6 and case herds n = 9