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Table 2 Production data from 20 Swedish pig herds with (case herds) and without (control herds) a history of Streptococcus suis-infections in grower pigs

From: Streptococcus suis in Swedish grower pigs: occurrence, serotypes, and antimicrobial susceptibility

Production parametersSweden 2017aControl herdsCase herdsP value
Sows in productionb3549223.1178.87424.3345.90.15
Sows farrowing per batchn/a1028.714.21039.314.80.12
Piglets born alive/litter14.3714.00.9814.50.70.34
Pigs weaned/litterc11.9711.31.1811.90.70.22
Pigs weaned/sow/yearb26.6624.04.6626.61.40.24
Age at weaning (days)32.81036.04.21033.23.30.11
Gilt recruitment (%)24.8925.79.5829.05.50.40
Farrowing interval (weeks)n/a103.41.7102.51.10.18
  1. All data parameters were not available for all herds (n = number of herds included)
  2. aMean values for Sweden according to the InterPIG report 2018 [49]
  3. bSow pools not included
  4. cNurse sows were used in one of the control herds and six of the case herds