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Table 3 Antimicrobial susceptibility of 188 Streptococcus suis isolates from clinically healthy Swedish grower pigs from ten control herds without a history of Streptococcus suis-infections and ten case herds with a history of Streptococcus suis-infections in grower pigs

From: Streptococcus suis in Swedish grower pigs: occurrence, serotypes, and antimicrobial susceptibility

  1. Isolates from (3a) case herds and (3b) control herds were obtained during 2018–2019 and tested using broth microdilution. Species-specific breakpoints according to CLSI 2018 [30] are indicated with single vertical lines (sensitive) and double vertical lines (resistant). Values for the lowest concentration tested indicate MICs lower than or equal to the lowest concentration within the range. Parentheses indicate isolates with MICs above the dilution range included in the test panel
  2. an = 93 in the case of penicillin
  3. bConcentration for trimethoprim given, tested in combination with sulfamethoxazole in a concentration ratio of 1:20
  4. cn = 91 in the case of penicillin