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Table 1 Gastrointestinal nematode infection (P, %—prevalence, I—mean intensity, R—range, A—mean abundance) in wild boars by hunting area

From: Gastrointestinal nematodes of European wild boar from distinct agricultural and forest habitats in Poland

Hunting area and number of wild boars (n)Ascarops strongylinaPhysocephalus sexalatusGlobocephalus urosubulatusAscarissuumTrichurissuisOesophagostomum dentatumBourgelatia diducta
Forest sites (n = 31a)
 P (%)82.6b87.093.5b6.5b48.4b0.019.4
Arable lands (n = 26)
 P (%)3.8c0.07.7 c61.5c84.6c3.823.1
  1. aEight animals from forest sites, i.e. a female < 1 year, two males < 1 year, and five males ≥ 1 year old were obtained without stomachs, which was taken into account when estimating the infection of wild boars with A. strongylina and P. sexalatus—the gastric parasite species
  2. b, cIn same column, different superscript letters between particular infection rates (P, R, or A) mean significant difference at P < 0.05