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Table 3 Spearman correlation coefficients for the associations between the SDMA level and selected parameters in all enrolled horses

From: Detecting acute kidney injury in horses by measuring the concentration of symmetric dimethylarginine in serum

  Body weight Serum Urine FENa
Urea Creatinine pH SG Protein UPCR GGT:Crea
SDMA NS rs = 0.33
P = 0.005
rs = 0.48
P < 0.001
NS rs = −0.35
P < 0.005
rs = 0.24
P < 0.05
  1. rs, Spearman correlation coefficient; SG, specific gravity; UPCR, urine protein to creatinine ratio; GGT:Crea–urine gamma-glutamyltransferase to creatinine ratio; FENa, Fractional sodium excretion; NS, non-significant